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Lowcountry Orthopaedics works directly with employers, occupational clinics, case managers, adjusters, and insurance companies to provide rapid and conservative treatment and appropriate timely, medical management and communication.

Bachi Evangelist, CHSP
Logistics Manager

Bachi is on her seventh year at Lowcountry Orthopaedics as Logistics Manager.

She was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador - South America, graduating from ITSU university of Ecuador in the mid 90's with Bachelor of Art/ Science and Broadcasting - Television with focus on Business Administration. She spent time in Boca Raton, Florida before moving to the low country.

Her role focuses on leading the planning, development, and execution of practice logistics and employee-team communication tools to drive employees and providers behavior that improves practice performance and operations.

Certified HIPAA Security Professional - HIT University - Professional Training and Certifications

Direct Line: 843-569-5488

Fax: 843-793-5432

Email: Bachi.evangelist@lowcountryortho.com