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Frequently Asked Questions

Medical Records

The medical records are the property of the practice.

It is maintained for the benefit of the patient and medical staff.

It is the Practice’s responsibility to protect the records against loss, defacement, and tampering, as well as authorized use. A signed consent by the patient or legal guardian is required before medical records or x-rays can be released to a physician’s office, attorney, or any other organization.

Complete the Authorization for release of Medical information form in its entirety.

Mail the completed form to: Or Fax to 843-793-5402

Lowcountry Orthopaedics a member or Arcis, LLC

Release of Information

2880 Tricom Street

N.Charleston, SC 29406

Signed authorization allows release of records (as stated on the release form) to only the requesting party and is not valid for release of information to any additional parties.

The patient has the right to revoke the signed authorization to release records by submitting a written request.

Processing of the x-ray /films is handled by x-ray personnel. 843-797-5050 (ext 141)

The original signed release form is maintained in the patient’s chart.

Information required:

1. Date

2. Patient’s name

3. Social security number

4. Name and address of the party requesting records

5. Type of records requested

6. Patient’s or legal guardian’s signature

It is the policy of the Practice to routinely charge a fee to cover the duplication expenses involved in the transfer of records outside the system and for the completion of forms requested by outside entities. In accordance with South Carolina Statute 44-115-80, you will be billed for the reproductions of your medical records as outlined below:

Fee Schedule as of 6/23/14 for copies of patient records based on format, Paper or Electronic, and Maximum Fee’s:

$.65 per page for pages 1-30

$.50 per page for all other pages

Clerical fee not to exceed $25.00

(*ELECTRONIC Records)- Maximum allowable charges not to exceed $150.00 + actual postage /applicable sales tax

(*PAPER Records)- Maximum allowable charges not to exceed $200.00 + actual postage /applicable sales tax

Any questions concerning the status of your request should be submitted by logging into the patient portal via our website, Click on quick link quick links/ Patient portal. Log-in and send a message to submit a question.

Billing Questions:

LCO utilizes a third party company to process, deliver and bill for these requests. You will receive a statement from RecordsQuest, and you should remit your payment directly to them.

Payment address: RecordQuest, PO Box 2017, Mt Pleasant, SC 29465-2017

if you have a question about your records statement, you should contact RecordQuest directly (Phone) 888-300-7410 Email

Medical records will be forward to another physician for transfer of care at no charge.


Medical Records Release Form

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